What2see in København

Nationalmuseet (The National Museum)
The National Museum offers a fascinating opportunity to learn about the history of the Danes from stone age to our times. There are unique objects like the Sun Chariot and the Golden Horns and a great deal of material telling about the Viking Age.
Address & contact

The National Museum of Denmark
Frederiksholms Kanal 12,
DK 1220 Copenhagen K
Tel.: (+45) 3313 4411
Fax.: (+45) 3347 3333

Statens Museum For Kunst
The collections of the State Art Museum are dominated by Danish art from the XVI century to the present day.The so-called "Golden age" of the Danish painting, which took place in the 19th century is richly represented here.There is also an international section in the museum.
Address & contact

Statens Museum for Kunst
Sølvgade 48-50
1307 København K
T 3374 8494
F 3374 8404

Den Hirscsprungske Samling
The museum houses the collection of the 19th century Danish painting, collected by the businessman Heinrich Hirschsprung.

Address & contact
Stokholmsgade 20
2100 København ø
Tel:+45 35420336
Fax:+45 35433510

Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteket
The museum houses an important collection of ancient art::Egyptian gods, Roman emperors and Greek athletes.It also contains a good collection of French Impressionist art, with works by Monet, Renoir, Degas.There are  also works by Van Gogh and Paul Gaugin
Address & contact

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek 
Dantes Plads 7
DK - 1556 Copenhagen V
Tel. +45 33 41 81 41

Bertel Thorvalsen Museum
The Museum is dedicated to the artist of the same name ,with no doubt the most important Danish sculptor of the 19th century.
He lived in Rome for many years, but came back to Denmark in 1838.The sculptor is buried in the museum courtyard.  
Address & contact

Thorvaldsens Museum
Bertel Thorvaldsens Plads 2
DK-1213 Copenhagen K
Telephone +45 33 32 15 32
Fax +45 33 32 17 71

The Navy Museum with collections of weapons, artillery pieces, uniforms and a recreation of the captain's bridge of a submarine. There is also a fine collection of models of warships in the museum.

Address & contact

Overgaden oven Vandet 58,
Kbh. K.
Tel: 33 11 60 37
·Fax: 33 93 71 52

The Museum exhibits all kinds of weapon from old days to now days, from bows and arrows to big canons.

Address & contact

Tøjhusgade 3,
København K.
Tel: 33 11 60 37
· Fax: 33 93 71 52

Skibe på Holmen
On the island of Holmen there are 2 warships and a submarine from the time of the "cold war". They are open to public.There are daily tours for visitors.

Address & contact

Fregatten PEDER SKRAM,
Elefanten, Nyholm
1439 København K.
Tel: 33 11 60 37 ·
Fax: 33 93 71 52

The museum tells the story of the Danish resistance during the Nazi occupation in 1940-1945. It springs from an exhibition called Fighting Denmark in the summer of 1945. The present museum was opened in 1957.
Address & contact

(The Museum of Danish Resistance )Churchillparken 1263 København K.
Phone: +45 - 3347 3921

   Trace the history of music with a visit to Denmark’s most comprehensive collection of instruments from all over the world at the Danish Music Museum, close by the gardens of Rosenborg Castle.
Address & contact

- Musikhistorisk Museum & Carl Claudius' Samling
Åbenrå 30
1124 København K
33 11 27 26

The Victorian Home
  A luxury flat of original interiors just around the turn of the 20th century. The Victorian Home is located at Frederiksholms kanal, just a few steps from the National Museum. The merchant Rudolph Christensen´s apartment is fully furnished as it was between 1890 and 1914
Address & contact

- Frederiksholms Kanal 12
1471 København K
Meeting place : Nationalmuseets main entrance


Lille Mølle  (Little Mill)

In 1916, in one of the last old mills on the ramparts of Copenhagen, Mr. and Mrs. Flach-Bundegaard made their unique home. Despite not being a typical home, Little Mill is in some ways characteristic of its period, being furnished in a national romantic yet uniquely personal style.
Address & contact

-Lille Mølle
Christianshavns Voldgade 54
1424 København K.


Fyrskibet Gedser Rev

This is a typical Danish light house ship you can see here, it is only open in the summer time Saturdays from 11-15 hour
Address & contact

Nyhavns Kanal

Amalienborg Museum

The Amalienborg Museum, like Rosenborg Castle, is part of The Chronological Collection of the Danish Kings. It is the Royal House’s own museum presenting royal culture and background to the general public.
Address & contact

Christian VIII's Palace
DK-1257 Amalienborg
Tel. +45 33 12 21 86

Museet Kongelige Stalde og Kareter

The Royal Stables and Carriages are a collection of royal state coaches and more recent light types of carriage.
Address & contact

Christiansborg Ridebane 12
1218 København K
Tlf. 33 40 26 76

Teater museet
The collection at The Theater Museum describes the history of Danish-language theater from 1700 up till today. It is composed of drawings, engravings, paintings, photographs, costumes, set models and more.
Address & contact

Teatermuseet i Hofteatret
Christiansborg Ridebane 18
1218 København K
Tlf. 33 11 51 76

Botanisk Museum

Botanical Garden & Museum is situated in the heart of Copenhagen. The garden is a living museum and room for the largest collection of living plants in Denmark.
Address & contact

Københavns Universitet
Øster Farimagsgade 2 B - 1353 København K

Zoologisk Museum
At the Zoological Museum, our research, teaching and exhibitions are dedicated to the documentation of animal life on Earth, its origin and diversification. With more than 10 million specimens in our collections we have representatives of an estimated 10% of the global fauna. 
Address & contact

Statens Naturhistoriske Museum
Københavns Universitet
Universitetsparken 15, 2100 København Ø

Geologisk Museum

Welcome to the Geological Museum - we relate and communicate the origin and evolution of everything. Our exhibitions span from the origin of the Universe to our own evolution from ape to Man. Go explore and discover more about the Solar system and the Earth.
Address & contact

Geological Museum
Natural History Museum of Denmark
Copenhagen University
Øster Voldgade 5-7
DK-1350 Copenhagen K

Spejder Museum

Scout Museum
Address & contact

Arsenalvej 10
1436 København K
Telefon 32 64 00 59